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Proud Possibilities, Episode 9 with Surbhi Sahni
Desi Rainbow Parents

Proud Possibilities, Episode 9 with Surbhi Sahni

Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies to meet Surbhi Sahni, Chef and Founder of TAGMO, an NYC restaurant that celebrates South Asian cuisine and mithai. Proud Possibilities brings you candid conversations with LGBTQ+ and allied Possibility Models, people who lead the way with pride in the Desi community. Proud Possibilities, Episode 9, features Surbhi Sahni (she/her) a proud queer Indian female chef and entrepreneur. Surbhi is a talented savory chef of regional Indian cuisine, and a pastry chef making artisanal cakes & confections that preserve the essence of South Asian mitha. Surbhi pushes back against the manufactured prestige of Eurocentric white male chefs, and uses her platform to restore dignity to the legacies of home cooks (often women) and others who have cultivated South Asian cuisines for centuries. Hosting Desi Rainbow’s conversation with Surbhi are: Zara Ahmed (they/them), a queer, non-binary, Pakistani entrepreneur, educator, and advocate for representation, one of the founding members of Queer Mango who is passionate about uplifting queer and trans chefs and entrepreneurs. Mahereen Baig (she/her) is a mother to three boys, ages 23, 20 and 17, with the two eldest being cisgender and the youngest being transgender. Mahereen is an educator of 28 years and a proud member of Desi Rainbows Parents & Allies. To support Proud Possibilities and our efforts to build acceptance and allyship in the Desi community, follow this link to donate:
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