Desi Rainbow Story Time

We want to offer a playful, fun and affirming virtual community space for all children and their families, as well as allies, with our Desi Rainbow Story Time program. We have partnered with Desi Drag artists who will read a variety of children’s books to a live audience. Drag artists embody the creative expression of gender and imaginative play, and we are lucky to have artists from all over the US and Canada who are enthusiastically participating in this program.

Desi Rainbow Story Time is intended for families with children to enjoy stories read to them by fabulous and fun Desi Drag Artists. Our purpose is to celebrate gender diversity, South Asian pride, and the joy of reading, in alignment with our mission of building allyship in the Desi community.

Desi Rainbow is proud to host 

Desi Rainbow Story Time!


On Sunday, May 30th at 5pm ET, 4pm CT and 2pm PT join Drag Artist Bijuriya as they read Neither, written and illustrated by Arlie Anderson. Neither is a colorful and touching story that celebrates what makes each of us unique.

Register by May 29th to receive a link to join this live event.

Please note that Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies reserves the right to restrict entry to this event to families with children under 12. While children of all ages can enjoy hearing this story read aloud, the reading age for this book is ages 3-9. 

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Sunday, May 30th | 5pm EST
Desi Rainbow Story Time with BIJURIYA!

Welcome the start of summer with an evening of storytelling where Bijuriya reads "Neither"!

Desi Rainbow Story Time with LAL BATTI!
Sunday, March 28th | 5pm EST
Desi Rainbow Story Time with ABHIJEET!
Sunday, April 25th | 5pm EST