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Our Response To Atlanta Killings

We mourn the lives of the Korean American women and other victims of horrific violence in Atlanta, and call for justice for them and their families. As an immigrant, family and ally led organization, we grieve the loss of daughters, sisters, mothers, partners and friends who got up in the morning to take care of their family, to go to work, to survive. They were robbed of the ability to go home that night. 


We denounce the hateful violence against Asian Americans who have been attacked in the wake of politically motivated racism and xenophobia in the past year. We call for justice for them and their families. 


We call on local, state and national leadership to stop the violence targeting Asian Americans across the country. We stand in solidarity with Red Canary Song and other organizations leading the battle for immigrant rights and their call for justice for sex workers and massage workers. 

We urge all to report anti-Asian violence at so it can be tracked and addressed. 

Read the statement from Red Canary Song here.

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