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Summer Camp for LGBTQ+ Youth

An Affirming Virtual Summer Camp for Desi LGBTQ+ Youth!

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Desi Parents of LGBTQ+ youth tell us that there are very few spaces where their children feel affirmed in both their South Asian and LGBTQ+ identity. We heard you!

We're excited to announce that we are piloting our very first Desi Rainbow Youth Summer Camp, a virtual, two day gathering August 4-5, for LGBTQ+ youth from the Desi Diaspora in North America. A team of Desi LGBTQ+ leadership has planned a thoughtful set of educational activities, all conducted by LGBTQ+ presenters. Workshops will offer a look at LGBTQ+ and South Asian history, media representation, health and wellness, all tailored just for Desi LGBTQ+ youth 10-15.

This kind of national community building for Desi LGBTQ+ youth has never been available before, and we proud of the LGBTQ+ leaders and parents who have come together to build it.  

Only 10 spaces are available. A parent or guardian must submit the signed application. Registration ends on July 20th at 6pm EST.


The camp is being offered free of charge. We ask families who can afford to consider making a donation to support our pioneering work.

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